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Programs & Resources

In exchange for the autonomy public charter schools are afforded, we are all equally responsible to help them achieve and sustain academic, operational and financial success.

At the Tennessee Charter School Center, we provide programs, services, and resources that support the cultivation, growth, and quality of charter schools in Tennessee. We approach this task by thinking about the complete life cycle of a charter school and providing support at every step along the way. We offer programs and resources in the following areas:

Getting Started

We cover the basics about charters in Tennessee. Start here to review what resources we offer for what to know before you apply and how to apply to start a charter school; development opportunities to prepare leaders for the successful launch of their schools, and more information about the Walton Family Foundation’s start-up grant program for the organization in Tennessee. 

Check out our programs to help you Get Started here.

Quality & Growth: Existing School Services

Our Existing School Services are designed  to support current charter administrators and educators in achieving and sustaining achievement and success for their respective schools. We want every school to meet the expectations, needs and accountability standards of their district and community. TCSC develops training, workshops, and technical assistance to promote and sustain the quality of charter schools.

Check out our Existing School Services to help sustain quality schools here. 

Innovation: Sector Support

    Innovation is the driving force that is paving the way for the next generation of charter education. We offer programs and support services to help experienced charter leaders design, apply and incubate high-quality, innovative charter schools, work to empower communities by equipping them with the training and knowledge about the education process, and seeking to recruit and train new board leaders of color and to leverage a unique lens and perspective.

    Check out our innovative Sector Support Pograms and Fellowships here.