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Programs & Resources

In exchange for the autonomy public charter schools are afforded, we are all equally responsible to help them achieve and sustain academic, operational and financial success.

At the Tennessee Charter School Center, we provide programs, services, and resources that support the cultivation, growth, and quality of charter schools in Tennessee. We approach this task by thinking about the complete life cycle of a charter school and providing support at every step along the way. Read more about our programs and resources below:

Getting Started

Charter 101

  • We cover the basics about charters in Tennessee. Start here for what to know before you apply and how to apply.
  • Audience: Charter novices to Tennessee
  • Contact: Marceia Ashe, marceia [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

Application Support

  • Applying for a charter is a complex process. In this program, we review the process of completing a charter application and direct applicants to additional resources for support.
  • Audience: Prospective charter leaders
  • Contact: Marceia Ashe, marceia [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

Launch School

  • Launch School is a year-long support program for authorized charter operators. It is designed to coach new charter leaders through the new school development process and prepare them for the successful launch of their schools.
  • Audience: Authorized charter schools
  • Contact: Marceia Ashe, marceia [at] tnchartercenter [dot] orgg

Start-up Grants

  • TCSC administers and manages the Walton Family Foundation’s start-up grant program for the organization in Tennessee. Newly authorized charter schools are welcome to apply.
  • Audience: Authorized charter schools
  • Contact: Marceia Ashe, marceia [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

Quality & Growth: Existing School Services

Our Existing School Services are designed  to support current charter administrators and educators in achieving and sustaining achievement and success for their respective schools.

Quality School Support

  • We want every school to meet the expectations, needs and accountability standards of their district and community. TCSC develops training, workshops, and technical assistance to promote and sustain the quality of charter schools.
  • Audience: Existing charter schools
  • Contact: Anjelica Hall, anjelica [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

School Growth and Replication

  • Growing the number of high-quality seats for Tennessee students is a priority for TCSC. We provide resource support for charter schools interested in growing by a grade level or replicating their school.
  • Audience: Existing Charter Schools interested in growing by grade level or campus
  • Contact; Anjelica Hall, anjelica [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

Charter Resource Center (COMING SOON!)

  • Hosted by Cornerstone on Demand, the Charter Resource Center connects schools with resources from partner organizations and authorizers aimed at ensuring school quality and aligned with the Tennessee Succeeds standards.  
  • Audience: Existing charter school administrators and educators
  • Contact: Anjelica Hall, anjelica [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

Regional Summits and State Conference

  • Aimed at providing charter leaders opportunities for training and collaboration, these local and statewide gatherings are prime opportunities to share best practices and gain key learnings.
  • Audience: All Tennessee Charter schools
  • Contact: Anjelica Hardin Hall, anjelica [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

Memphis Charter School Enrollment Fair

  • This annual event is a one-stop shop for parents to meet the majority of charters schools in Memphis and consider how this public school options may be the best fit for their child(ren).
  • Audience: Charter schools, Memphis students and parents
  • Contact: Anjelica Hardin Hall, anjelica [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

TCSC Job Board

  • TCSC hosts this collective job board for posting career opportunities in charter schools across the state. 
  • Audience: Existing charter schools
  • Contact: Cameron Quick, cameron [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

Board and Governance Certification

  • Board certification ensures that all members involved in making influential decisions are knowledgeable and qualified. TCSC provides charter boards across Tennessee with impactful training and certification opportunities on a yearly basis to better support the operations, development, and sustainability of high-quality schools. (Note: Per TN law, TCSC is required to certify that boards have completed board training requirements annually.)
  • Audience: Charter school board members
  • Contact: Marceia Ashe, marceia [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

Innovation & Incubation: Sector Support & Fellowships

    Memphis Innovation Challenge (MIC)

    • The MIC is taking charter schools to the next level. By recruiting experienced charter leaders to design, apply and incubate high-quality, innovative charter schools, we are paving the way for the next generation of charter education. Memphis Innovation Challenge Fellows receive significant support and financial funding during their 2 years in the Fellowship.
    • Audience: Experienced School Leaders interested in starting innovative charter schools
    • Contact: Marceia Ashe, marceia [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

    Community Launch Fellowship

    • A community-driven charter initiative, working to to empower communities by equipping them with the training and framework by which to select a charter model that fits the needs and interests they self-establish.
    • Audience: Communities interested in developing a charter for the neighborhood
    • Contact: Anjelica Hall, anjelica [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

    Board Leaders of Color (BLOC) Initiative

    • Generously sponsored by New Schools Venture Fund, the Board Leaders of Color (BLOC) Initiative seeks to recruit and train new board leaders of color and to connect current board leaders of color in order to support charter schools and advocate for the sector through their unique lens and perspective.
    • Audience: Professionals of Color
    • Contact: Anjelica Hall, anjelica [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

    Educator Exchange (EdX)

    • A cohort of charter leaders learning from educational leaders across sectors in order to innovate for school quality.
    • Audience: Charter school educators
    • Contact: Anjelica Hardin Hall, anjelica [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org

    Replicating Quality Schools

    • TCSC helps vetted, high-quality single site and smaller charter schools grow their network through a series of informative workshops and activities based on best practice application and exemplar school programs.
    • Audience: High-performing Single Site and Small Network Charters
    • Contact: Marceia Ashe, marceia [at] tnchartercenter [dot] org