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Each year, Tennessee’s State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) awards the SCORE Prize to the schools and school districts in Tennessee that are leaders in student learning. The Tennessee Charter School Center is proud to spotlight two charter school recipients of the 5th annual SCORE Prize, New Vision Academy and The Soulsville Charter School (TSCS).

New Vision Academy is a public charter school in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district, serving about 125 middle school students in grades 5-8, while TSCS is a public charter high school in Shelby County Schools, serving about 340 Memphis-area students in grades 6-12. It is the entire portfolio of strategies and the outcome for students that determine the SCORE Prize winners, and New Vision Academy along with TSCS are particularly worthy.

SCORE President and CEO Jamie Woodson said, “the SCORE Prize winners and finalists demonstrate that success is possible in settings as diverse as our state — rural, urban and suburban; large and small; magnet, charter and traditional public schools. The true winners are the students who are seeing academic success because their teachers and school leaders hold high expectations, while their parents, families and communities support them.”

KIPP Academy Nashville, a public charter school serving roughly 350 students in grades 5-8, was a SCORE Prize finalist. At both schools, SCORE Director of Communications Teresa Wasson said that the SCORE Prize team members engaged in site visits saw a high level of consistency as well as quality within teaching, especially in pushing students toward higher order thinking.

Congratulations, New Vision Academy and Soulsville!