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The Tennessee Charter School Center applauds the Shelby County School Board of Education for adopting the District/Charter Compact for Quality Schools, a collaborative agreement among local education leaders to improve the quality of education across the Shelby County Schools system.

“Shelby County Schools’ adoption of this compact demonstrates our shared commitment to improving the ways we work together to ensure the best possible benefit for all our students,” said Maya Bugg, CEO of the Tennessee Charter School Center. “This is an effort truly borne of collaborative spirit, and we applaud their good work and hope it will serve as a model for effective public education partnerships in other areas of the state.”

As the largest school district in Tennessee, the Shelby County School system operates a wide variety of public schools, including traditional, charter, iZone, optional, virtual and more.

To ensure all children throughout the county are well served, regardless of where they live and which type of public school they attend, the compact establishes a local Advisory Committee to ensure that district and school leaders execute shared commitments and strategies, including supporting accountability, transparency, and adequate and appropriate access to services and resources; and providing parents and students access to high quality public school options.

“We are gratified to see educators and administrators, regardless of who they work for, coming together to support the growth, development and success of all our children,” said Luther Mercer, Memphis Advocacy Director for the Tennessee Charter School Center. “By adopting this compact, the SCS school board and local educators have taken a huge step forward to help ensure all students have access to the high quality education they deserve, and to underscore the important role that public charter schools play in our community.”

The Tennessee Charter School Center worked closely with local education advocates and organizations to ensure passage of the compact. “A special thanks goes to Cardell Orin with Stand for Children, School Board Members Miska Bibbs and Stephanie Love for co-chairing the Committee to bring the adoption forward, as well as the entire school board for voting to adopt the compact,” Mercer continued.

Cardell Orrin, Memphis City Director for Stand for Children who has also been instrumental in moving these talks forward, echoed appreciation for greater involvement and engagement from the SCS board, administration, charter leaders, and parents. 

“This is a wonderful foundation to begin the work of building a real partnership between the SCS district and charter schools. We must all work together and push in the same direction to accomplish the vision of a high quality education for all of our children,” said Orrin.

TCSC SCS Charter Compact Press Release 1-27-16