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TCSC STATEMENT: Knowledge Academy's Financial Allegations

The following statement is issued by the Tennessee Charter School Center, in response to the financial allegations made against Knowledge Academies in Nashville, TN:

“The allegations made against Knowledge Academies are cause for great concern. Tennessee's public charter schools exist to provide excellent, innovative learning environments for all students, and effective management of a public school's resources is a key component to serving students and communities well. There are many public charter schools across Tennessee creating life-changing educational outcomes for students, but an essential piece of the charter school bargain is accepting accountability if quality is in question.

Given the centrality of autonomy to charter schools, proper oversight by any charter school’s board of directors is imperative to ensuring public charter schools are academically, operationally and financially sound. When issues arise, charter school boards must be engaged and aware of challenges so that they can act swiftly and with the best interests of students and families in mind. 

Charter school authorizers hold the responsibility not only to provide support to the public charter schools under their authority, but also provide oversight for these schools and push them to reach their potential for students. Part of this responsibility is evaluating a  school's ability to meet the needs of students. The oversight authorizers provide is equally important to ensure that situations like this are addressed in a manner that best serves students and families. 

Willingness to evaluate issues of concern with a clear eye is necessary if we are truly working for the greater good of our students, communities, and high-quality public school options. Nashville continues to be an exemplar sector of high-performing charter schools and our commitment remains in how we continue to support and hold them accountable. ”