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The Tennessee Charter School Center develops and supports high-performing public charter schools, raising the bar of excellence and ensuring all children in Tennessee have access to high-quality public education.


Why We Do

Tennessee’s charter school sector is strong and growing – in number, quality, the diversity of academic offerings, and in student enrollment. More and more communities, parents and educators across Tennessee are seeing the positive impact that public charter schools are having on student achievement and growth. Establishing an entity that can provide on-going, comprehensive support to the growing charter sector in Tennessee was critical to seeing this growth continue.

The mission of the Tennessee Charter School Center is to support and cultivate high-performing public charter schools and advocate for autonomy, accountability, and choice in public education. The success of Tennessee charter schools has not come without its share of challenges and opportunities, but by working closely with schools, operators, teachers, parents, students and other community advocates, the Center is dedicated to make sure everyone's voice is clearly heard.


Who We Are

We are Tennessee's primary charter support organization. We are driven by our mission to serve students and families, advocate for the conditions and resources that facilitate quality, and represent a coalition of schools that are committed to the values of equity, diversity, collaboration, integrity, and excellence we stand for.

What We Do

The Tennessee Charter School Center is leading the movement for effective policy, excellent schools, quality operators & informed communities.

We believe the opportunity to educate students is a privilege and a public trust. In exchange for that privilege and the autonomy public charter schools are afforded, we are all held highly accountable for the academic, operational and financial performance of the schools they run. This is the charter school promise. At the Center, we take this promise seriously and promote its fulfillment by offering services and advocating for policies that ensure:

  • High-performing schools have the resources and conditions they need to thrive in Tennessee.
  • High potential schools have the support they need to achieve and sustain excellence.

  • Low performing schools are not allowed to persist without intervention and, in some cases, closure.

  • Communities are educated and engaged in the option and impact of public charter schools.


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The Tennessee Charter School Center is committed to providing accessible, reliable, and transparent information about charter schools and charter school performance in Tennessee. Here are some of the latest publications: